S Moda | Summer shopping

S Moda magazine, (the fashionable sister to El País), features us in their summer style shopping.

As summer is around the corner, the Spanish magazine chooses our Sylvia wetsuit as one of the must-haves to start the season.

Designed and conceived for your active beach life, Sylvia is made out of Limestone Japanese neoprene which is an eco friendly material which replaces the petroleum base that the neoprene is usually made of.

We use the high-end, Yamamoto coporation high function neoprene which claims 2x more lightweight, stretchability and water retention.

This style is lined with a stretchy, fine nylon in our Ocean patent color and has a raw cut and seamless finish for a no-bulge, smooth silhouette.

We are glad they liked this style as it is one of our favourites. Can’t wait to rock the next wave or dive your favourite site in style, high tech and comfort? Shop Sylvia online now.

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