Surfer Rule I Ocean plastic


Surfer Rule magazine features us in their “Blue Cross” editorial about the ocean plastic pollution. We are happy to collaborate with Surfer Rule magazine for this special article, about a subject we are really involved as it is the ocean pollution.

This issue has been a collaboration between the photographer Mario Entero and Happicidad team and it has recently won the ARTIvision challenge award for showing the problem of plastic pollution, so we take the opportunity to congratulate the whole team!

Did you know that there are more than 250,000 tons of plastic polluting our oceans?

The Ocean is our reason to be and we want to raise awareness of how this issue is putting life of the Blue on risk.

As a sustainable brand, we contribute to clean our seas thanks to an upcycling process in which we can recycle ghost fishing nets and other nylon waste and give them a second life in form or new fabric of the finest quality.

As the Surfer rule Magazine team says, keeping plastic out of the oceans is the only answer, because although recycling could be a good option, the best option is just reducing plastic of our lives.