NOW_THEN I Turning fishing nets into fashion

Our oceans are filled with items that do not belong there. Tons of plastic, abandoned fishing gear and garbage are dumped in each year. Lost fishing nets, so called ‘ghost nets’ are among the greatest killers in the ocean, causing animal entanglement, pollution and death.

Did you know that swimwear fabrics are petroleum-based, the most polluting materials among all the fashion industry but they are also the easier ones to be recycled?

As a sustainable and eco-aware label, we wanted to do our part, so we teamed up with the ECONYL® Program in Italy as we fell in love with their cutting edge process of turning waste into the finest materials.

Our swimwear fabrics are based on recycled nylon, which is obtained by an upcycling process that gives a second life to marine debris and waste material that is removed by the Econyl Program and the ONG Healthy Seas where volunteer divers contribute to clean all these pollutants from the Oceans worldwide.

We are excited to share this project with you and the story of this amazing closed loop lifecycle.