The NOW_THEN Manifesto

We are independent fashion makers who believe in the beauty of the fine things.

We make high-end ecoluxe collections responsibly made in small scale production.

We put our eyes and heart in quality and detail because we know that good things take time.

We are ocean lovers, adventurous souls who believe that the Ocean is a magic place which is worth protecting.

We use eco friendly and recycled fabrics as we are committed to protect what we love.

NOW_THEN Manifesto - Fishing nets. Eco swimwear / bañadores ecológicos

High-end ECO swimwear

We are always in search of the ultimate and most eco friendly materials.

We teamed up with the ECONYL® project to fight ocean pollution by reclaiming ghost fishing nets and give them a second life transforming them into high quality regenerated nylon.

With every swimsuit we produce, we upcycle up to 300grs of marine debris and other nylon waste as well as reducing our environmental footprint thanks to an eco production process.

Swimwear are intimate garments in direct contact with your skin. All our fabrics and components are Oekotex® 100 Standard certified, which means that they are free of harmful and toxic chemicals.

NOW_THEN Manifesto - Neoprene. Eco swimwear / bañadores ecológicos

Petroleum free Ecoprene

Our neoprene is sustainably made replacing the petroleum for limestone mineral, a more sustainable source in an eco friendly process which involves clean energy and circular economy.

This material is used worldwide by serious practitioners of marine sports and top athletes of surfing, free diving and triathlon.

With a beautiful smoothskin finish, the ecoprene stands out by its superior functionalities as water hydrophilic properties, light weight and stretchability.

NOW_THEN Manifesto - Couture. Eco swimwear / bañadores ecológicos

Responsible production

At NOW_THEN we believe in the beauty of fine things.

In the words of M. Gandhi “There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”.

We craft all our garments with an obssesive attention to detail, in an ethical production made by skilled artisans who use couture techniques.

NOW_THEN Manifesto - Ocean. Eco swimwear / bañadores ecológicos

We are ocean lovers

NOW_THEN is a brand with a purpose. We are divers, surfers, ocean adventurers and we are committed to protect what we love.

We are inspired by the Ocean and we believe that fashion can be a force for good and the perfect way to spread the word for ocean conservation.